Why you should Purchase Military Coins from ChallengeCoins4Less.com

Military coins carry many interesting stories from the past. Each symbol engraved in them is an insignia of an organization or a significant event. These coins are truly adored by coin collectors and historians. With their elegant velvet cases, they can be the centerpiece of your collections. They can serve as a conversation starter, a special gift, or unique souvenirs for your pals.

ChallengeCoins4Less.com has a bunch of different military coins. Each has its uniqueness embossed or engraved in its metal surface. Our challenge coins are made of fine metals–gold, brass, silver, copper and platinum. We also offer added epoxy for a classier finish. For those who are fan of matte, our vintage coins may be what you are looking for.

Challenge coins also work as promotional devices. ChallengeCoins4Less.com will customize your coins exactly as how you want them to be. Soldiers were the first to use these coins. Actually, military units used challenge coins in six different ways including the following:

1. A booster for soldier’s morale

This story is dated back from Ancient Rome. During those times, soldiers were paid with coins, but for soldiers who exhibited valor and excellence in their service, there is a special bonus coin. The bonus coin is engraved with the insignia of the legion where it was from. It is not to be spent. The coins act as motivation for soldiers to serve wholeheartedly for their country.

2. A squadron insignia

Military coinsA wealthy American lieutenant, during the World War I, decided to buy medallions for his squadron to serve as their insignia. Most members of his squadron were college students from different prestigious universities in America who left school to serve in the war; one became the pilot of one of the American aircrafts. When this pilot received his coin, he placed it inside a leather pouch which he attached in a lanyard. He then tied the lanyard around his neck. On one of his missions, his aircraft crashed in the German territory, causing him to be captured by the Germans.

Fortunately, he got the chance to flee from his captors. However, he was again held captive but this time, by the Frenchmen. When he found out that he was about to be executed, the American pilot took his final chance and present his coin to his French captors, hoping that they would recognize the insignia engraved on it. One of his captors recognized it and so, he was released and even invited to a drink.

The story of this American pilot was the most popular story of challenge coins. Many believed that it was the origin of challenge coins, but coins are really as old as metals.

3. A fun game

When the tale of the American pilot who was saved by challenge coins spread among the soldiers battling in World War I, many thought that they should also have their own challenge coins. If right now, you’re thinking the same, contact ChallengeCoins4Less.com and we will help you come up with the most apt design for your group.

So, since the soldiers saw the need for them to always carry their coin, a fun game had begun. The game was called “Coin Check”. It involves a challenger and a challenged. The former will ask the latter to present his challenge coin usually while they are drinking beer in a bar. If the challenged has his coin with him, the challenger has to buy beer for their entire troop; if he doesn’t, he will be the one to pay for the drinks.

5. A form of recognition

After a war or a mission, there are usually awarding ceremonies held to acknowledge the service men and women from different military units. Special challenge coins attached in lanyards are given to them to signify the braveness they had shown and the sacrifices they had made for their duties.

Some of these challenge coins became available for civilians, especially coin collectors. You may browse our gallery at ChallengeCoins4Less.com to view these coins that bear different symbolic military insignia.

6. A secret handshake

Government officials of high offices give soldiers challenge coins through secret handshake. This usually happens during or after recognition ceremonies. The coins were given to soldiers who may have not made it to the ceremony, or who were not chosen by their commanding officers for the awards.

Top 5 Reasons Men’s Golf And Polo Shirts Bring Big Profits On Ebay

Golf shirts, especially those with polo design, are preferred by most men as their golf wardrobe.

Enumerated and explained below are the top five factors that make gents’ golf attire rewarding to market and sell on stores online.

1.Polo style golf shirts are considered clothing staple, especially for men.

Men wear these shirts when at the office, when in casual occasions, when hearing the mass, and naturally when playing golf. As the corporate world takes it easy on the workplace dress code, shirts for golf are getting to be more widely used and more sought after than in the past.

2.For those who sell stuff online such as eBay, golf shirts are really readily available to sell in the online shop.

GolfThis kind of shirts is usually distributed at tourneys as prizes, gift items, prizes, or as part of goodies bags. Most of the time, the golf enthusiast does not get shirts with his correct size and simply takes the clothing regardless of that. These new shirts finish at the several thrift stores like Goodwill. The extra shirts for golf that are produced for tourneys in many cases are given away to thrift shops as soon as the competition is done. People can usually see groups of brand new polo style shirts for golf with tags or labels, all in a bundle on a shelf in any thrift shop. Shirts coming from more renowned competitions and clubs generally can be found in off-price shops such as Ross, Stein mart, TJ Maxx, and Marshall’s. It is simply a breeze to locate brand new, custom made shirts having country club trademarks or logos at these kinds of stores at a cost effective price of under $10 per shirt.

3.Male sizes tend to be more universal as compared to that of the female.

For that reason, male clothing becomes an excellent item to sell on the web. Men know very well what size they use and in most cases the sizing is valid between different manufacturers or brands. The sizing for men is not as complex as that of women. This is because female’s clothes consist of plus size, petite size, maternity size, and some other categories. Clothing of men is much simpler to sell, and basically produces the capacity for online shopping.

4.Generally, males favor shopping online more than actually shopping.

They usually opt to use the internet, purchase five to ten shirts, and have them delivered right at their doorstep within 7 days, as opposed to spending too much time in the mall shopping around. They would prefer to be spending that hours playing golf. Shopping online can save more time. Females generally delight in the actual shopping experience a lot more than males.

5.Golf players are thorough about choosing their clothing collection.

Golf shirtsThey want to look sharp when playing golf on the course. Men prefer to use shirts with the top brands, exclusive course and competition logos. That is true even though they have not actually played on that certain course. They still get hold of those shirts. It is possible to do that on eBay and other shopping sites. An enthusiastic golf player can go browsing on the shopping sites and look for a specific course logo golf shirts. They can then own them in their hands in just a few days.

For those who are selling online and are looking for something new to add to their inventory, they can consider supplying golf garments for men. These products are readily available, simple to photograph, light in weight and easy to send. Plus, the majority of men put them on thus golf shirts are invariably popular.

Author Bio:
Here at www.rockbottomgolf.com, offer their own brands of shirts manufactures in various colors, sizes and styles. Golf shirts, particularly those with polo outline, are favored by most men as their golf closet. 

Choosing Motivational Speakers

What are motivational speakers?

Motivational speakers are often valued for their ability to motivate, inspire, and encourage people in a certain group. They can be certainly effective in motivating the staff in a company to work better, for students to decide on their chosen career paths, and for a person to achieve a positive change within himself. These speakers are well-regarded in their respective fields of expertise. Often, the talks and speeches they deliver are derived from their very own experiences in life. They reflect on and share the things they learned from those experiences to inspire the people in the audience.

Motivational SpeakerThere are different kinds of motivational speakers depending on the purpose of the talk. There are Personal Development speakers who are hired to give positive and inspiring messages on self-development topics like overcoming problems, improving work-life balance, or developing a positive attitude towards oneself. There are also youth mentors who are hired to speak to students about good study habits or career path guidance. Motivational speakers can also be enlisted to help in raising awareness on social and community issues and encourage community members to take action on those issues. Whatever the reason is on why speakers are hired, they are no doubt a big help in motivating a certain group of people in achieving specific goals.

Choosing the right motivational speaker

In choosing motivational speakers for a purpose, a company or a group usually looks for a speaker that matches the objective that they want to achieve. Aside from being an expert on a certain topic, a motivational speaker should also possess other qualities often needed from effective speakers. Over the years, clients have often had difficulty choosing speakers who matched their group and goals needed to be achieved.

Usually, it is evident that a speaker is effective when the audience is left entertained but at the same time educated and inspired. Since motivational talks are meant to affect positive changes in people, the speaker should be highly energized and witty. After all, they do motivational talks and not class lectures. So in choosing the correct speaker for a group, choose the three E’s: educational, engaging, and energized.

Here are more tips in choosing a motivational speaker:

1. Determine the specific needs of your audience or group. The objectives of the talk should be clear and measurable. In this way, it will be easier to narrow down the possible speakers that you think can help the people in your group.

Keynote speaker2. Find the balance between entertainment and education. A speaker should not be all jokes and entertainment value in the same way that a speaker should not talk about the serious matters for the whole duration of the talk. There should also be lessons inserted in those entertaining quips. A good speaker will know how to engage the attention of the audience while teaching them at the same time.

3. It might be best to see a performance of the intended speaker first. This will be a surefire way to see if a certain speaker meets the objectives of the group. The speaker’s style and the content of his/her talks will also be best seen this way.

4. Research on what past clients have to say about the speaker. Testimonials and reviews can be reliable sources of information because they came from first-hand experiences by those who have seen and experienced the speaker’s talk. It may also help to take into consideration the speaker’s awards and affiliations with professional associations.

5. Plan the date, time, venue, and budget. Once a deal with the speaker has been made, just set the stage and you’re all set!

In choosing a speaker, why settle for less when you can instead find the best? Our speakers have been consistently chosen to talk in different events for different purposes. They have often received great reviews from clients in the past. According to the testimonials, they have a good sense of humor, gives off a positive and infectious energy, and are very professional. They appeal to a variety of audiences that match their own fields of expertise. By ensuring that the right speaker will be connected to the right audience, the goals of an effective motivational talk will no doubt take place.

Motivational speakers are regularly esteemed for their capacity to persuade, rouse, and support individuals in a specific gathering. Click here motivational-speaker-success for more details about motivational speakers.

A Beginner’s Guide to Buying a Mister

Getting a mister is not as easy as some people might think it is nor as difficult as some people would dread it to be. Mist fans have been around for quite some time now. However, most people are still unaware of how they work and what separates a good mist fan from a bad one.

bardstreetIn an idyllic world, consumers will always get what they pay for. They are promised a working product that is cheap, efficient, and will get the job done. In the real world, some companies only care about the profit and not about the value that their customers get when they buy their product. It is because of companies like these that people need to be vigilant when they are out to buy a mist fan.

Learning how to buy a good mist fan will not be difficult, but it won’t be easy either. A person needs to dedicate a fair amount of time and attention to get the right mister. There are so many different mist fans to choose from out there. It is easy and perfectly reasonable and understandable for people to get lost when they are trying to get one. Below are a few things that people can keep in mind. This will serve as a guide so that people don’t get easily lost when they go shopping.

Establishing the need for a mist fan

There are so many different mist fans to choose from that looking at each one can probably induce insanity. Before even making a decision to buy a mist fan, a person must first establish that there is a need for it. Once there’s a need, a person should also ask themselves if a mist fan is even the best solution to satisfy that need.

Matching the need with the right kind of fan

There are essentially three different mist fans to choose from, high, medium, or low pressure. The best way to go about this decision is for a person to look at which mist fan will suit their need the most.

EstablishingThose who need mist fans for large outdoor applications will most likely have to go for a high pressure mist fan. These mist fans produce the most power and require the most amount of water in order to run. These are also the most expensive kind of mist fan. However, the high price is worth it given the tremendous performance that a high pressure mister can provide, even outdoors.

Medium pressure mist fans are mist fans that sit in the middle of the food chain. They are at the middle when it comes to performance and price. These fans are typically employed by residential homeowners. They do well for most homeowners because they fit well inside the home for one thing. The moderate price is also eye catching since most homeowners are fine with a medium pressure mist fan’s performance.

Last, and probably the least overall, are the low-pressure mist fans. Low pressure mist fans are low on pretty much everything. Size, price, performance, and so on are all at the bottom for the low pressure mist fan, except for portability. Low-pressure mist fans are tiny making them easy to transport. This makes them ideal for those who only want to use them for their personal use.

Taking a close look at the construction materials

Mist fans are made from one of either two materials, metal or plastic. Metal mist fans are better for outdoor use because they are more durable, although they are more expensive. Those who want something affordable, but probably won’t use the mister outdoors, will want one made out of plastic

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